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Budget Tax Implications for Umbrella Company Freelancers

PAYE Umbrella Companies

PAYE Umbrella Company, you have the ability to become one of the employees in that particular company. Once you have become a part of the company, you are told to make sure that the company pays you either weekly or monthly based on your time sheet. The umbrella company then pays you salary after deduction […]

Two umbrella companies now face liquidation

� Contractors warned to ensure they are operating compliantly and conforming to regulations as two umbrella companies now face liquidation. Sunday Solutions and Bradbury & Co have just gone into liquidation due to the umbrella company not paying tax liabilities on behalf of their contractors. Despite the fact contractors believed they had been paid the […]

Umbrella Company IT Contractors ‘safer’

Umbrella company contractors specialising in IT are now being seen as “a much safer profession” according to ITContractor.com. The IT contract market news portal says this could result in tempting traditionally risk-averse permanent workers to reconsider their roles. Gerry McLaughlin, from the news service, thinks this newfound job security was the result of businesses coming […]