Umbrella Company IT Contractors ‘safer’

Umbrella company contractors specialising in IT are now being seen as “a much safer profession” according to

The IT contract market news portal says this could result in tempting traditionally risk-averse permanent workers to reconsider their roles.

Gerry McLaughlin, from the news service, thinks this newfound job security was the result of businesses coming to see IT contractors as a means to cut costs.

He says: “Whereas previously IT contracting was highly cyclical and many contractors spent what they had built up in the good times during long spells out of work, it looks as if IT contracting has become a much safer profession.”

That’s because today companies now see them as the enablers of cost cutting during a downturn as well as being core to the business during an upturn.

Mr McLaughlin explains this means contractors now have an ‘each-way bet’.

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